Today’s new strip, ‘My Name Is John Blobfish’.

FATHER! another improvised sketchpad strip, in 5B pencil this time.

today’s new strip, ‘FLIGHT’.

today’s new comic, NO ESCAPE!

today’s brand new comic, POOM!


New addition to the collection from the fantastic Steve Tillotson maker of banalpig comics

my first ever self portrait, quite enjoyed it.

(via nightofthecomics)


I’ve got a new website with a new shop full of prints and comics.

You can also see the first images from my soon to be released silent psychedelic sci-fi comic ‘The Land of my Heart Chokes on its Abundance’,  more pages here

check out my boy Gareth Brookes’s new biz

more drawings on that dodgy sketch pad, this time with ink and gouache. it’s a bit thin, but i really like the texture. this is from a story i’m forming about ghouls that follow people around…

SANDWICHES Part Two. The mystery of the disgusting sandwiches is solved, or is it?